Saturday, 12 June 2010

Alpha Protocol Brady Games Signature Series Guide Review

Alpha Protocol Signature Series Guide
Xbox 360/PS3/PC
RRP £12.99/USA$19.99

What is more exciting than living the life of a Spy?  Womaniser, rogue or duty-bound the world of espionage is one of intrigue and danger.  I suppose thats what makes it all so exciting!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Brady Games UFC 2010 Signature Series Guide Review

UFC Undisputed 2010 Brady Games Signature Series Guide Review
Xbox 360/PS3
RRP £12.99/USA$19.99

Game Guides have always been a grey area for me.  On the one hand they can be seen to be a kind of cheat, but on the other, they can improve your understanding of games and give you a hidden depth otherwise unknown to the average gamer.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

UFC Undisputed 2010 - Review

UFC Undisputed 2010
Format: Xbox 360/PS3
Developer: Yukes
Publisher: THQ

Another sub-par yearly update, or a surprisingly significant improvement?

UFC 2010 is here. A game I have been looking forward to since I played UFC 2009 (see I won't bother repeating the whole review, I felt UFC 2009 was lacking in certain areas, but overall it was a very enjoyable game.

Those areas, thankfully, are what Yukes have worked on for UFC 2010.

As with all yearly updates, the expected fighter roster update is extensive.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Video games and violence in today's society

The connection between video games and violence has been ever-present in mainstream media over the last 15 years as game realism increases. But is there any factual basis to these views?

After recently watching the abhorrent (nay, faux) debate on The Alan Titchmarsh Show, it has really hit home how naive mainstream media and audiences are to the games industry compared to, say, the movie industry.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Blur - Multiplayer Beta Keys To Give Away! EDIT - NOW CLOSED! congrats to those who entered and won!

Xbox 360 Blur Multiplayer Beta
Format (Full Game): Xbox 360/PS3/PC
Developer: Bizarre Creations
Publisher: Activision
Available: Q2/Q3 2010

Today we have 3 keys for Bizarre's Blur Multiplayer Beta to give away.

Blur is the latest racer from the developer who brought us the PGR series.  Its not as serious a racer as the PGR games, but with that kind of legacy, its looking to be quite impressive.

So to be in with a chance of winning a beta key, in the comments section below, post a caption for the following picture:

The better the comments are the more likely you are to win.  So get thinking guys and dolls and post your caption and your XBL Gamertag in the comments like this:

Barricade mistook the ringing as an insult again.  GT Sibboz
The competition will close tonight, 12/03/10 at 10pm GMT and prizes will be sent out via xbox live message after 10pm GMT.

So Good Luck!.

(PS, If you didn't get my terrible caption, Barricade is the Decepticon Police Car in Transformers)

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Bioshock 2 Review

Bioshock 2 (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)
Reviewed on Xbox 360

Genre: FPS
Developer: 2K - Irrational Games, Various 2K branches, Digital Extremes
Publisher: 2K Games

Feb 9th 2010 Euro Release

Rapture, the fruit of Ryan's labour, has survived.

I've been looking forward to Bioshock 2, the first was simply awesome.  The storyline, music, art design and theme all worked amazingly well together.  However, after hearing Ken Levine was going to be taking a backseat on this project, I was slightly concerned.  His input and direction on Bioshock definitely pushed the development team in the right direction and put the story at the forefront of the experience.  Would this happen without his direct influence?  Have I been humbled?  

Would you kindly read on....

The long awaited sequel finally arrived this year.  Set ten years after the events of the first game, you take on the role as 'Delta', a unique Big Daddy, instead of the previous amnesia sufferer.

Your back in Rapture, and boy, it ain't no prettier.  The Splicers are as vicious and hideous as ever, it seems they've been busy over the years splicing up and generally creating a nuisance of themselves against the Big Daddy's.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Special Editions - My Guilty Pleasure

Ever since the first special edition games, I have always been on the look out for that 'Ultimate' package.

It seems to have become a compulsive addiction of mine, one that's stung me a few times over the years.  So I've decided to rate the ones I have so far accumulated.

Gradually, I will be going through my collection, reviewing the quality and content of each edition.  I will also include the game review if its a recent release.

Keep an eye out for full features coming soon.


Friday, 5 March 2010

Metro 2033 Goes GOLD!

Metro 2033 (Xbox 360/PC)
Developer: 4A Games
Publisher: THQ
Available: 19th March 2010 Euro Release

The eagerly anticipated Metro 2033, has gone gold people.
Here is the official press release:

THQ Inc. (NASDAQ:THQI) today announced Metro 2033™, the atmospheric first person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic Moscow, has passed the gold master stage of development and entered manufacturing. Powered by brand new technology - the formidable 4A Engine - Metro 2033 will set a new graphical benchmark on both Xbox 360® and PC when it hits retail outlets on March 16th in the US and Germany, March 18th in Australia and March 19th in the rest of the world.
"We’re excited to be bringing such a truly original experience to market," said Richard Williams, Vice President of Global Brand Management, THQ. "Metro 2033 couples a deep and engaging story with incredibly atmospheric first person shooter gameplay, and the 4A Engine provides cutting edge technology behind the most impressive visuals seen on either PC or console to date."
Metro 2033 has already been acclaimed for its graphical prowess on both Xbox 360 and PC, with the latter benefiting from advanced DX11 features and NVIDIA PhysX implementation. In addition, gamers can enjoy Metro 2033 in 3D, powered by NVIDIA 3D Vision.

This is fast becoming one of my most wanted of 2010, coming in under the radar its going to be a surefire hit.

Keep your eyes on for the preview and review!

UFC Undisputed 2010 - THQ updates 2009's best seller

Estimated Release: 28th May 2010
Platforms: Xbox 360/PS3
Developer: Yukes
Publisher: THQ

The much anticipated update to the 2009 success is nearly here and with UFC110 just passing its a timely article. As you have read (if you've been a reader of Righteous Reviews for a while) I could not have looked forward to an update more, here's my closing thoughts from the 2009 review to remind you:
"I'll give this a 8.5/10

A tightly programmed game, fun to play, nice to look at, but not without its faults, it should impress a lot of people. 

This will hopefully sell amazingly well as I would like to see some improvements made in the career mode for the next UFC game, but will the control system prove to complex for the average gamer and put them off? I really hope not, as if you give this the time it deserves, it can be a very enjoyable game."
See UFC 2009: Undisputed Review (XBOX360/PS3) for the full article.

What have THQ got instore for us this time around?

Well, first up is the cover star. Brock Lesnar will be on the cover of UFC Undisputed 2010.

Brock Lesnar made his UFC debut at UFC:81. A former amateur and professional wrestler, as well as a mixed martial artist, he went on to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship by defeating Randy Couture at UFC:91 on 15 November 2008.
“Brock Lesnar’s intensity and relentless commitment to the sport of mixed martial arts, as well as to the UFC, make him a perfect candidate to be the cover athlete for UFC Undisputed 2010,” said Dana White, President, UFC. “You want to be a fighter? Videogamers and fight fans around the world need to step up to Brock’s level when they enter the virtual Octagon in UFC Undisputed 2010!”
Lets see what 2010 has to offer shall we??

Last year, UFC Undisputed 2009, had over 80 life-like fighters.  This year they have gone and upped the ante and decided to include over 100.  THQ state 'Fighters & Personalities'.  Does this mean realistic ring entrances and fighter interaction (more on that later)?

 My comments on UFC2009's graphical quality said it all, "They really are photo realistic: blood, sweat (and probably tears) have been recreated with such quality and precision its quite an achievement", and to be quite honest, it seems to have improved again.  The most impressive part of the character models had to be the physical presence of the fighters, every swung punch and kick meant something, whether it was blocked or hit squarely on the chin, you saw and felt that impact.  Encounter too many kicks to your legs my friend, and you were limping.

That is only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to UFC2009's fight mechanics and guess what, they've gone and added a whole new layer.  This time around the guys and dolls behind UFC2010, have added two new fight mechanics to make it all the more realistic.  The 'Sway System'.  This allows for some free flowing counter attacks, with full upper body and head movement to keep out of the way of incoming attacks and turn them against your opponent.  Also introduced, is the new 'Posture System'.  This addition allows for some fight ending strikes where ever you are on the ground.  And to add even more realism, they have decided to add the 'South Paw' stance, to make your custom fighter even more like you (if you're a south paw, that is!).

The customisation was, to say the least, exceptional in 2009.  In 2010 even more fight styles have been added to your rĂ©pertoire; Sambo, Karate and Greco-Roman Wrestling.  Alas, no word on putting your face into the game via XboxLive Vision Cam or the PS3 EYE cam.  In my opinion this would have been an awesome feature as with the already amazing character models, seeing my face and my mates on screen getting the living hell battered out of us, would have been hugely entertaining.

In regards to the online component, I cannot wait until this is released as a certain UFC rival of mine, Nicky Sensei, is in dire need of a rematch.  UFC2009 started off well, hardly any lag and quite a well rounded ranking system as well as player matches that were enjoyable.  Unfortunately that didn't last long for me, but that may be due to my overpriced internet provider not coming through on their promise of a stable connection.  This year, the online side of things have been given a complete overhaul.  You now have the ability to form fight camps and leagues so that you and your friends can compete against and train with each other.  WOW.  I never expected this, at all.  I'm surprised, horrified, pleased and jumping for joy all at the same time.  If this can be pulled off, it will be the ULTIMATE online fighting game.  That's not all!  The career mode in UFC2009 was ..... lacking really.  It had a very surgical feel to it and never had much interaction other than the fights.  Its all changed now.  With the new feature 'Game Is watching You',  tracks every action and uses this information influence ingame commentary, you opponents intelligence and your overall career progression.  There has been no talk of ring entrances, but with the inclusion of interactive weigh-ins and interviews, that affect your popularity and cred, I'm hopeful they are also incorporated.  The new career mode also has online co-op sparring.  Again, WOW.  The guys at Yukes and THQ, have brought to life some amazing ideas.  Now lets just hope that it all works smoothly.

Its definitely looking to be the most immersive fighting experience you will come across.  If UFC2009 blew EA's FNR4 out of the water, I have no idea what EA's MMA is going to look like after UFC2010 has had a go at it.

Here are some screen shots:

Keep an eye on for the inbound review.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Just Cause 2 Demo - Available Now for PS3/Xbox360

Just Cause 2, the sequel to a surprisingly good open world shooter, now has a demo available for you to peruse and enjoy.

Here is the full press release:

Available for PlayStation® 3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC, the Just Cause 2 demo will feature a massive 35 square miles of the Lautan Lama Desert, a vast expanse of stunning, sun-scorched scenery taking up just one of the many islands in the 400 square miles of the Panau archipelago. Packed with towns, villages, military installations, mountain ranges, missions and more, the demo will feature an astonishing amount of activities for the player... and opportunities for adrenaline-fuelled chaos are limitless.

Hunt down and assassinate one of the game’s 50 military colonels; devastate military bases, bio fuel chambers, government infrastructure and more; hijack tuk tuks, military 4x4s, armoured vehicles, mopeds, helicopter gunships, light aircraft, mini vans and numerous other military and civilian vehicles; freefall from desert outcrops or from burning planes at 20,000 feet; and unlock one full, multi-stage mission, traversing the mountains to a heavily fortified government radar station and ending in an unforgettable desert car chase.

“The Just Cause 2 demo is simply massive and with so much to do, the replay value is enormous,” said Lee Singleton, General Manager of Square Enix London Studios. “It’s easily one of the biggest freeroaming demos of all time and for fans of openworld games, it’s unmissable.”

The Just Cause 2 demo will be available March 4th, 2010, on PlayStation®Network, Xbox LIVE® Marketplace and Steam.

As Rico Rodriguez, the Agency's most powerful weapon, players must take on the island of Panau and its military regime in order to track down Rico's former boss and mentor, Tom Sheldon, who has gone rogue with millions in Agency cash and intel. Using a unique grapple and parachute combination, there is no vertical limit as the air becomes your playground: grapple a passing plane in flight, hijack helicopters, BASE jump from the tallest buildings or mountains and leave a trail of chaos and destruction in your wake. Just Cause 2 offers players the freedom to tackle missions any way they choose and, with over 100 vehicles and countless upgrades and collectibles, the choices for relentless adrenaline-fuelled action are limitless.

Here is the xbox marketplace link: