Saturday, 12 June 2010

Alpha Protocol Brady Games Signature Series Guide Review

Alpha Protocol Signature Series Guide
Xbox 360/PS3/PC
RRP £12.99/USA$19.99

What is more exciting than living the life of a Spy?  Womaniser, rogue or duty-bound the world of espionage is one of intrigue and danger.  I suppose thats what makes it all so exciting!

With such a revelatory game, its no shock that a guide of this calibre would be a integral tool of any new recruit into the life of undercover operations.  Any Spy worth their salt needs to be prepared and have a mission briefing.  And thats exactly what Brady Games have created in this practical Spy Handbook.

Everything you need, from weapon stats to dialogue trees, this guide gives you the edge in a world of deceit and lies.  The wealth of information to be had from this guide is commendable, the detail and depth of it completely proves the importance of this to your gaming library.

The world beating content covers a multitude of subjects.  Dossiers and biography's of factions and characters prepare you for your intellectual/vocal encounters within the game.  The basics of the game are expanded upon to improve your chances of surviving your combat engagements, to level that far surpasses the manual and ingame tutorials.  A dissection of your skills, perks, weapons and gadgets is on offer, covering the stats, costs and effects of each, enabling you to choose what type of spy you want to be.  Cautious, Covert or an Explosive assault, you choose with your inventory and research discovered or bought in game.  The maps are well formed and include all points of interest and ammo drops to assist in a successful mission, along with a standard step by step walk-through of each mission.  Having the full info provided by this guide gives you the edge, and then some.

To become the ultimate spy, up there with the Bond's and Bourne's, this guide is the ultimate gadget that will get you there.

Score: 9/10

Another well written and constructed guide from those talented guys and dolls at Brady Games.  A must have for the super spies out there!

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