Saturday, 5 June 2010

Brady Games UFC 2010 Signature Series Guide Review

UFC Undisputed 2010 Brady Games Signature Series Guide Review
Xbox 360/PS3
RRP £12.99/USA$19.99

Game Guides have always been a grey area for me.  On the one hand they can be seen to be a kind of cheat, but on the other, they can improve your understanding of games and give you a hidden depth otherwise unknown to the average gamer.

For a gamer who enjoys fighting games but has not really been into the UFC, the guide is a must.  It covers in good detail the basic concepts/terminology and controls of UFC (for both console formats), building up in to the more complex holds and transition controls of an experienced fighter.  No matter how good at fighting games you are, this information is imperative for a successful fighter.

With UFC 2010, a game that has a reasonably complex control system a guide of this kind is a welcome addition to any gamers collection.  An extension of the manual, the guide breaks down the fundamentals of the UFC.  On top of that Brady Games have broken down the Career mode in such a way that anyone can get to grips with it and create a competitive fighter.  Giving full details on creating your fighter, improving your fighter, camp invites and your credibility and popularity, Brady Games give the player the information needed to get the most out of UFC 2010.

With full bio's and breakdowns of over 100 UFC fighters covering their fight style attributes and weaknesses, you are given the ultimate preparation before you fight.  I have never seen such detailed information covering so many fighters (although I never saw the guide for 2009..).  Including a full breakdown of achievements/trophies, you will be well on your way to maxing this game out after reading through the guide.

Score: 7/10

This guide has surprised and impressed me.  A well written and researched companion to the game, Brady Games should have a best seller here.  My only criticism is that more of the info contained within this guide should have been included in the games manual as many gamers need a little helping hand sometimes.

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